Super Easy Floral Kissing Ball

DIY it of course! Here is a picture of one I found online at Amazon for $30 – this was one of the less expensive ones I found. I bought 2 bunches of yellow daisies at Walmart and lucky me – they were on clearance for $1.50 each!

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How To Upcycle Clothes Chas' Crazy Creations

(4 days ago) Tye dye is firstly fun, allowing you to experiment with colors and designs you love to create a piece of clothing you adore. To begin with, you’ll, of course, need dye for the clothing, which you can order online. Otherwise, some household items you have like food coloring, drink mixes, and some natural foods (coffee, beets, etc) work.

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Planning a Home Budget Project Chas' Crazy Creations

(2 days ago) Hope online and look at tutorials and read up on the basics. You won’t become an expert overnight, but it’s nice to know what you’re doing before you enter the tasks ahead. A quick browse a few evenings before bed wouldn’t hurt, and the majority of things are probably very easy to get to grips with.

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Easy Gifts to Let People Know You Care Chas' Crazy Creations

(Just Now) Of course you do! Making a gift for someone makes it extra special. You can find out where to find card making info online to learn some of the skills and also discover places to get supplies. You can do anything you want when making cards, whether you focus on …

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11 Thrift Store Finds For Unique Planters Chas' Crazy

(3 days ago) Shop flea markets, thrift stores, garage sales, and other places. Keep your mind open and you will find plenty of items that can become planters. First, find something you want to turn into a planter. I’ll be using this watering can that I found at the flea market. I added …

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How To Stencil With A Printable Chas' Crazy Creations

(3 days ago) I went online looking for something that would help me stencil this table with Colorado State University. I found this Halloween pumpkin carving of Cam the Ram. I printed it out on card stock, and cut out the shaded areas. I used Folk Art stencil tape to hold the printable stencil onto the table.

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Easy Farmhouse Box Chas' Crazy Creations

(Just Now) Of course our nail gun had to give us grief, but the ladies were all so supportive and patient (thank you ladies). Next they came in for snacks and their choice to stain or paint their boxes as they liked. I taught them how to make scented pine cones to put in their box for a Thanksgiving Centerpiece.

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