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Six Reasons to Embrace Pitch and Putt Courses Short courses are fun, great for beginners, and easy to build. Mar 24, 2021 by Kyle McDorman in Opinion with 0 comments; Don’t Bury Jarva Yet Some of Jarva's holes have been eliminated, but the course is still going strong -- for now

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Tuesday Tips: How to Prepare for a Disc Golf Tournament

(7 days ago) Lots of courses have scorecards or photos online. Reviews of the course from Disc Golf Course Review can help. If it is a well-known course, look for filmed rounds on YouTube. These are almost always available if the course has hosted a significant pro tournament, but lots of amateurs also film casual rounds.

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UDisc Adds Course Directory To Desktop Site Livewire

(4 days ago) At the time of launch there is no connectivity with user profiles to save course information or leave reviews through the desktop version. To commemorate the launch, UDisc also posted a feature on Allen Risley, who created the first course directory for the PDGA to its Release Point blog. Share 0

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New #respectHERgame Campaign Seeks to Combat Sexism in

(6 days ago) Female disc golfers have long been subject to demeaning and sexualized comments both on the course and online, from replies to social media posts to the live chat on coverage of the top professional players. With limited or no moderation of such comments, players and fans have grown accustomed to simply avoiding the comments section.

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How To Gain Distance And Raise Your Rating: Part 2

(2 days ago) As you have already seen I personally did not invest in a private trainer, didn’t buy any cook books, customized training and diet plans or any special gym apparel. Everything was researched for free online and the body fat percentage measurements were administered for free as well. I did, obviously, invest in an expensive gym membership, but

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DGPT Launching New Video

(2 days ago) Live coverage of every round on the Disc Golf Pro Tour will continue under its new leadership, but with a new format and a subscription model for all but the final rounds of tournaments.. Today, the DGPT is launching the Disc Golf Network (DGN), an online subscription video platform for live and post-produced coverage of the Pro Tour. Available via the web, iOS and Android apps, fireTV, …

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From Trick Shots to Business

(2 days ago) The $500 level — which offered a guaranteed entry into a 2021 invite-only tournament at Paul McBeth’s Virginia course, a 10 person group lesson with McBeth, and an 18-hole on-course lesson with McBeth — quickly sold out its 10 available slots. Foundation’s Discord community has …

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Will It Play in Peoria

(6 days ago) Disc Golf Course Review lists 21 courses within a 25-mile radius of downtown Peoria compared to 19 in the Emporia area. Golfers will quibble over whose courses are better, but as someone who prefers carving lines through the woods, my money’s on Peoria.

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Tournament Talk: Piercing Criticism Should Be Heard

(3 days ago) Trolls are nothing new in disc golf’s online comment boards, yet it felt uncommonly vicious this time. Prior to the tournament, “fans” decided it was Pierce’s fault for not having enough time to practice three separate courses because she took a tour break in Hawaii prior to the OTB Open.

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Glass Blown Open TD On What Goes

(3 days ago) Similarly, before the PDGA removed all sanctioning, Bjerkaas and Dynamic Discs had consulted with health officials to confirm whether or not running smaller tournaments via online management tools and using tee times and four person cards at courses to limit social interaction would be a viable option.

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Tuesday Tips: Building A Bag [Forehand Discs – Pt. 5

(Just Now) Many online stores, such as OTBDiscs and DiscBaron, provide information on the flatness of discs, which can make the search easier for those shopping from a distance. Beyond this, there are some molds that are almost always flat and are popular for forehands such as the Zone , Harp , Felon , or Raptor .

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How Discraft Transformed its Brand Ultiworld Disc Golf

(7 days ago) How Discraft Transformed its Brand. A cultural change was years in the making. April 20, 2021 by Charlie Eisenhood in Analysis with 3 comments. In 2017, Discraft was in a rut. In February of that year, they had made a nice splash by signing Valarie Jenkins Doss after she abruptly left Innova, but she and her long-time Discraft-sponsored husband

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Tuesday Tips: How to TD Your First Disc Golf Tournament

(7 days ago) You need a tournament date that has been approved by the course and PDGA state coordinator. How to get certified. The PDGA certification test is available online: it will require you to be a PDGA member and pay a fee of $10 to take the test. The test is open-book, but since you will be serving as a tournament director, make sure to read the

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Disclosures Ultiworld Disc Golf

(3 days ago) Disclosures. Some of the links found on ultiworld.com are affiliate referral links. This means that if a reader clicks on text or an image to enter an online shopping site, Ultiworld may receive a commission from purchases made on that visit and sometimes future visits. There is no additional cost to the consumer; referral fees are paid by

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Hailey King Is Ready To Conquer In Season Two Ultiworld

(9 days ago) Like many pros, King got into the game at a young age, learning to play with her father, cutting her teeth on the wooded courses in Wisconsin. “My dad introduced me when I was 10, I think. We played once or twice that year with my dad,” King says.

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USDGC Exploring Alternate Qualifying Options, Smaller

(9 days ago) Winthrop University, side of the USDGC, moved to online classes March 23 and has not yet made any announcements regarding the fall semester. South Carolina began reopening retail stores at reduced capacity Monday, April 20, and is reopening beaches April 21.

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A Guide To YouTube Putting Instruction: Part 1 Ultiworld

(3 days ago) A Guide To YouTube Putting Instruction: Part 1. Eric McCabe (left) and Dave Feldberg are two of the top-20 most viewed putting instructors on YouTube. Editor’s note: This is the first in a three-part series about the resources available for putting instruction on YouTube and will discuss the demographics and skill level of instructors. The

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Universal Play Is Introducing Disc Golf To Thousands

(8 days ago) Perhaps less widely known is the fact that AnDyke’s work off the course in 2018 earned her the PDGA’s EDGE Award for Educator of the Year. In 2017, she successfully incorporated her 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Universal Play Disc Golf, or “UPlay” for short. Over the last year, some of her focus has been diverted toward

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USDGC, Women's National Championship

(7 days ago) A look at the second island “fairway” on hole 9 of the Winthrop Gold course at the 2018 USDGC. No crowds this year, though. Photo: USDGC. We’re two weeks away from the first and only Majors of the year in disc golf: the United States Disc Golf Championship and the Women’s National Championship, both set to be held on the Winthrop University campus in Rock Hill, SC.

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Petition Started To Help Save La Mirada Course Livewire

(4 days ago) La Mirada Disc Golf Course. Photo: DGWT. An online petition begun by the Southern California disc golf community to halt the construction of a maintenance building and access road at La Mirada Regional Park in California is gaining popularity.. The proposed construction plan would remove a large portion of the Back-18 course. La Mirada has two 18 hole courses, Lakeside-18 and Back-18, …

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Controversial American Disc Golf

(5 days ago) But since its inception, the brand has received a well-documented online reputation for poor customer service and faulty products. Whether it is on the discussion forums of Disc Golf Course Review and Reddit or on a dedicated “Salient Discs Complaint Center” Facebook group, the company has long been the subject of disc golfers’ scorn.

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2021 Disc Golf Season Mega-Preview Ultiworld Disc Golf

(7 days ago) Getting ready for the biggest season of disc golf yet! February 24, 2021 by Charlie Eisenhood, Darren LeMay, Bennett Wineka and Kingsley Flett in Preview with 0 comments. The 2021 disc golf season is upon us! The top professional players are warming up in the Nevada sunshine as the Las Vegas Challenge, the first stop on the 2021 Disc Golf Pro Tour, kicks off the touring season …

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Tuesday Tips: Prepping For The Big One Ultiworld Disc Golf

(2 days ago) Familiarize yourself with the course via online resources and work on the shots you think you will be throwing most frequently; Putt daily using a full pre-putt routine each time. Add pressure situations to emulate tournament pressure

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Don't Bury Jarva Yet Ultiworld Disc Golf

(2 days ago) Jarva DiscGolfPark in Stockholm, Sweden. Photo: Eino Ansio, Disc Golf World Tour. The debacle surrounding the reappropriation of public land at Järvafältet in suburban Stockholm is a sad saga filled with more twists and turns than this epic rollaway at the 2016 European Masters. If you’re new to the sport of disc golf, let me summarize the situation: The city of Stockholm is trying to

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ESPN2 Archives Ultiworld Disc Golf

(1 days ago) Where to find the ESPN2 disc golf coverage on TV or streaming online. Nov 23, 2020 by Charlie Eisenhood in News with 0 comments; The Upshot: ESPN2, Mahmoud Bahrani, Driving Ranges [Pres. by Pound Disc Golf] Disc golf's major cable sports debut is coming up.

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Pro Worlds Has Already Sold Half its Spectator Passes

(4 days ago) Worlds TD Jade Sewell told Ultiworld Disc Golf that around 500 of the spectator passes have been sold so far. Tickets are $50 per person for the week. Spectators will have access to limited viewing areas on the courses for the first four days of the tournament, but fans will be able to walk the course during the final round.

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A DIY Guide To Securing A Disc Golf Sponsorship

(Just Now) When it was announced earlier this year that Paul McBeth had signed a 10-year, $10 million sponsorship agreement with Discraft, even people outside the sport took notice. This was, by any reckoning, a watershed moment for disc golf. For McBeth and other players at the highest levels, sponsorship is the pathway to making a living playing the game.

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Having A Go: Everything You Need To Know About Disc Golf

(3 days ago) So far, all of the disc golf courses are in the south: The 46 courses in the country include those waterside and in park land; on converted ball-golf courses and university campuses; and in rugged bushland, alpine villages, and community parks. The pick of them is probably still Poimena, a course in the southern island state of Tasmania.

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Live Coverage Returning To USDGC, But With A New Look

(1 days ago) This is par for the course for the USDGC, which pioneered live coverage after featuring audio-only broadcasts and online shot tracking over a decade ago. “We’ve never been scared to try things that are new and different,” said Poole.

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View From The Top: The Understated Greatness Of Nate

(5 days ago) 2017 United States Disc Golf Champion Nate Sexton. Photo: Enio Ansio, Disc Golf World Tour. Sexton gets a lot of messages online from fans — 30-something-years-old, disc enthusiast dads like me — asking him how he balances golf, extracurricular professional endeavors, life …

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The Definitive Disc Golf Black Friday Deals Guide

(8 days ago) ONLINE RETAILERS. Disc Store – Get a two-disc mystery pack for just $23.42 among lots of other deals at Disc Store. Infinite Discs – Manufacturer-specific deals on each day of the weekend and tons of great deals that last all weekend. Disc Nation – All baskets ship free + 10% off everything!

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See How Twitter Reacted To Disc Golf's ESPN8 "The Ocho

(5 days ago) The defunct American Disc Golf Tour, which aired online on ESPN3 in 2016, got a linear cable TV appearance yesterday as the opening sport for ESPNU’s one-day-only conversion to ESPN8 “The Ocho,” a callback to the 2004 comedy Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story.. Of course, the average sports fan knows nothing about the intricacies of competitive disc golf and the various tours: they just

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PDGA Retroactively Names Pierce Co-Player of the Year with

(7 days ago) Paige Pierce at the 2021 Waco Annual Charity Open. Photo: DGPT. One month after the Professional Disc Golf Association named Catrina Allen and Chris Dickerson the 2020 PDGA Players of the Year, the sport’s governing body announced that Paige Pierce was being added as female co-Player of the Year following a review of the award process.. Due to COVID-19 tour disruptions, the award …

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Two Disc Golf Media Pioneers And Their Video Work

(2 days ago) The sport lost two trailblazing media figures over the last few months. Brian Sullivan and Carl Cubbedge each made a significant impact on the growth of the sport and were instrumental in laying the foundation for our current media landscape. Below, we’ll take a quick dive into their work and the video content they helped produce.

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How to Watch the Disc Golf Pro Tour Championship Finals on

(7 days ago) Where to find the ESPN2 disc golf coverage on TV or streaming online. November 23, 2020 by Charlie Eisenhood in News with 0 comments On Tuesday, November 24th, at 8 PM Eastern, the finals of the Disc Golf Pro Tour Championship will air in a two-hour special on ESPN2 .

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Harris, Hanemeyer Round Out a Flurry of Prodigy Signings

(8 days ago) Harris, Hanemeyer Round Out a Flurry of Prodigy Signings. Prodigy Disc made a big crop of sponsorship announcements to ring in the New Year. Just three years ago, questions swirled about Prodigy, who faced a number of high profile departures from their sponsorship ranks. Those questions are gone now, after a season in which Chris Dickerson won

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The Gates Of Doom: An Unconventional Hole Design At The

(2 days ago) So Ultiworld Disc Golf took the time to ask important figures from the tournament — top finishing pros, and course designer Jonathan Baldwin — for their opinions on the hole I earlier termed the ‘Gates of Doom’ while offering some of my own thoughts along the way, along with video clips to see how the hole was attacked.

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Vote: 2019 Disc Release Of The Year Ultiworld Disc Golf

(Just Now) A ton of love and great reviews online. Didn’t feel right to leave it off the list based on my personal experience alone.” – D. LeMay Scepter – Infinite Discs. From Infinite: The Scepter is a flat-top, overstable fairway driver for power throwers or for utility use to get around obstacles on the disc golf course. It is very comfortable

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National Collegiate Disc Golf Championship Preview

(1 days ago) The Warner Course, however, is no slouch, and should provide players with plenty of challenges, including water, woods, and a variety of pars. How to Follow The NCDGC is a PDGA major and the PDGA will provide media coverage through their online and social media channels.

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Disc Golf Pro Tour Built On Sustainable Schedule, 'Culture

(1 days ago) The venues chosen to host the events also have spectators and quality of play in mind, with five of the six tournaments being played on Top-20 ranked courses (per DGCourseReview.com). “ It is going to be thrilling to attend in person or watch live online and see the best players in the world challenged on the best courses in the world

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Organizing Central America's Largest Disc Golf Tournament

(9 days ago) We’d put together a series of clinics, PR appearances on Nicaraugua’s many TV and radio morning shows, and the main event, the 1er Abierto Finca Foresta Driven by Innova, which came to be the largest-ever PDGA-sanctioned event in Central America by many orders of magnitude. Setting up the 1st Annual Finca Foresta Open. Photo: Bjarnason.

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Interview: Infinite Discs President Alan Barker

(9 days ago) June 13, 2019 by Christopher Wiklund in Interview with 0 comments. Over the past seven years, Infinite Discs has grown from a way to waste time at the office into one of the biggest online retailers of disc golf products in the world. We caught up with Infinite Discs Owner and President Alan Barker to learn how he turned a hobby into a

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Color Of Disc Golf Aims To Diversify Sport, Starting With

(Just Now) Next weekend outside Atlanta, a unique event embracing an overlooked side of the sport will be teeing off. The Color of Disc Golf (CoDG) is an unsanctioned tournament aimed to introduce players of color to the sport, and to engage with a community that is often underrepresented at events.

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The Definitive 2020 Black Friday Disc Golf Deals Guide

(7 days ago) ONLINE RETAILERS. Dick’s Sporting Goods: 25% off everything in the store with free shipping on $49+! They have a wide array of Innova discs; Innova, Discraft, and DD starter kits; and a practice basket. Disc Golf Center – Get 5% off everything on Disc Golf Center’s website. Disc Golf Pro Tour – 15% off sitewide through Monday, no code

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American Disc Golf Tour To Re-Air On ESPN's "The Ocho

(4 days ago) The American Disc Golf Tour is making its dubious return to the airwaves this week as part of ESPNU’s one-day conversion to ESPN8, “The Ocho.”. Inspired by the 2004 comedy Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, ESPN’s college sports hub will turn into the fictional obscure sports channel for 24 hours tomorrow – 8/8 – and shine a light on

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Disc Golf's Popularity May Be Declining Ultiworld Disc Golf

(8 days ago) Based on this sample, San Antonio Disc Golfers is the oldest disc golf group on Facebook. With roots going back to the 1980s, the group now connects disc golfers online from the greater San Antonio area, organizes several weekly and annual events, and is probably one of the more active disc golf groups on Facebook with multiple posts per day.

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Twitter Finds Way To Insult Bills Mafia By Invoking "WTF

(8 days ago) March 17, 2020 by Bennett Wineka in Livewire, News with 0 comments. Tweet from @Kofie. NFL free agency is about the only game in sports right now, and Twitter used one of disc golf’s finest viral moments to lob some banter in the direction of the Buffalo Bills and starting quarterback Josh Allen.. A quick catch-up, former Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Stefon Diggs was sent to the Bills in

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