How to Become a Gunsmith in California Gone Outdoors

Register and attend courses at a gunsmith school. Lassen Community College in California and online schools such as Modern Gunsmithing and American Gunsmith, have gunsmith programs. Look in your area for a gunsmith who offers …

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How to Build a Lead-Shot Maker Gone Outdoors Your

(9 days ago) James Roberts began writing professionally in 1989, focusing initially on methodologies, multimedia courses and how-to articles on information technology, business, software, health care and relationships. His published works appear on various online article databases and he holds a Bachelor of Science in business from West Virginia University.

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How to Use a Bushnell Magnetic Bore Sighter Gone

(2 days ago) David Clair began writing for websites in 2001, creating online marketing content for business owners. He has written for Internet companies including eBay and creates training materials for an online education company. Clair is studying technical writing and pursuing an Associate of Arts in information technology from the University of Phoenix.

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Kawasaki 440A Engine Specs Gone Outdoors Your

(4 days ago) Vortech Online: Engines ; Writer Bio. Cathel Hutchison began editing and writing in 2007 and has worked with various institutions and publishers, including editing courses for the Open University and captioning for the cultural archive "Am Baile." Hutchison holds a Master of Letters in history from the University of Aberdeen and a Master of

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How to Find your DNR Number Gone Outdoors Your

(5 days ago) The governmental body protects lands while promoting safety and quality of life. The DNR is usually responsible for boat registration and hunting licenses, as well as outdoor safety courses. And if you've been licensed or completed a course, you've probably been issued a DNR number. The state uses the number to keep track of your certifications.

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What Is Needed to Start Up a Cattle Ranch

(Just Now) Equipment. Many types of equipment are needed to start a cattle ranch. For example, a tractor is necessary to haul feed and hay, while a baler may be necessary if you plan to harvest your own hay crops to feed your cows. Branding irons to mark your cattle, ropes to catch your cattle, feed troughs to provide grain for your cattle and watering

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How to Obtain a Gun License in Illinois Gone Outdoors

(5 days ago) Sylvia Harrison's professional career began in 2007 when "Lilly Lightlace" was published in the American Poetry Anthology. She has had several articles published online. Harrison has an H&R Block accounting certification, a diploma in Medical Transcription from International Correspondence Studies and administrative assistance experience education.

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How to Get a Gun License in California Gone Outdoors

(7 days ago) Go to the local sheriff’s office in your county and ask to fill out a CCW application. Include all information about the model of the gun you want to obtain the license for and also include a copy of the PFEC verification letter you received. Complete all requirements to receive your CCW license, which vary depending on your county.

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Christian RV Campgrounds in Florida Gone Outdoors Your

(Just Now) Tara Dodrill began writing professionally in 1990. She is a travel writer and photographer working for print and online media, primarily covering Florida, ecotourism and off-the-beaten-path destinations. Her writing credits include RUMBUM, Yahoo News, Visit South magazine,and North Carolina Coastal Guide.

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How to Renew a FOID Card Gone Outdoors Your Adventure

(3 days ago) Apply online. Head to the Illinois State Police Firearms Services Bureau website and click "Enter" on the FOID card portal to get started on your application. You can then sign in to your account, or register for an account, and select "Renew FOID card" after logging in.

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How to Get a Copy of Your Gun Safety Certificate in

(5 days ago) Youth 11 and older must attend a firearms safety certification course, either online or in person. Check at the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources website for dates and places for classes. The course includes a field day at a firing range …

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How Do I Find Out if a Lien Is on an ATV with the VIN

(7 days ago) Of course, make sure you have the accurate VIN. This identity number will contain both numbers and letters. The VIN's location on an ATV depends on the vehicle's manufacturer, but usually you can find it on the left side of the frame, under the shifter. It's a 17-digit number, where each character represents a part of the ATV's history: where

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How to Get an SBR & Suppressor at the Same Time Gone

(3 days ago) The short barreled rifle permit and the suppressor permit are firearms permits required by federal law. The SBR permit is required to alter any rifle so that has a barrel less than 16 inches long or an overall length of less than 26 inches. The suppressor permit -- often called a silencer permit -- is required to

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How to Register for a Bass Pro Shop Hunter Safety Class

(1 days ago) Students 11 years of age and older can take the in-person hunting education classes and those 16 years of age and over are allowed to take the safety classes online if they prefer. In New York, part of the class may be completed online, but everyone must attend the in-person portion of the course.

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How to Make Your Own Power Tilt Mechanism for an Outboard

(7 days ago) James Roberts began writing professionally in 1989, focusing initially on methodologies, multimedia courses and how-to articles on information technology, business, software, health care and relationships. His published works appear on various online article databases and he holds a Bachelor of Science in business from West Virginia University.

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How to Repair Pitting in Knife Blades Gone Outdoors

(5 days ago) Check the value of your knife if you have any doubt that it is collectible. Seek a professional restorer if it has significant value. The Official Price Guide to Collector Knives by C. Houston Price and Mark Zalesky is a one-stop resource for collectible knives and is available online.

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How to Get a Firearms License in British Columbia Gone

(1 days ago) Complete the Canadian Firearms Safety Course. You must complete a firearms course, recognized by the RCMP, that teaches gun safety, gun storage practices and responsible gun use. Courses are often offered through local hunting and outfitting shops and can usually be completed over a weekend.

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Physical Challenge Ideas Gone Outdoors Your Adventure

(2 days ago) Ropes courses -- sometimes simply called challenge courses -- are a classic workplace team builder. Under the guidance of trained facilitators, participants rappel, climb cargo nets, balance on swinging logs, help each other over walls and even ride zip lines.

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Physical Education Games for Children Gone Outdoors

(1 days ago) Gregory Hamel has been a writer since September 2008 and has also authored three novels. He has a Bachelor of Arts in economics from St. Olaf College. Hamel maintains a blog focused on massive open online courses and computer programming.

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Color War Game Ideas for Camp Gone Outdoors Your

(3 days ago) Be respectful of the habitat while playing, avoid harming any living creatures or plants in the course of your activities, and return any inanimate items you collected to where you found them at the completion of the game. Relay Races. Most relay races feature the same basic setup: Two teams line up in parallel rows; the first participant

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Orienteering Games for Kids Gone Outdoors Your

(1 days ago) The string course game is appropriate for young kids, who are just starting to learn navigation skills. Use a large field, park or room for a course. String colored ribbon or yarn over the course and set out some discrete items to act as markers at various places along the string.

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How to Start a Farm Supply Business Gone Outdoors Your

(4 days ago) Work with your experts to institute training programs to upgrade the product knowledge of your entire staff. Ensure that all employees develop excellent customer service skills. Open your doors with an Open House. Organize your store for a festive Open House. Set up special displays for new farm and garden products, and invite recognized

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Kids Online Hunting Safety Course in Ohio Gone Outdoors

(9 days ago) The instructor-led course lasts eight to 12 hours. Students who take the online course can work at their own pace. The final training and proficiency test, which all students take in the classroom, lasts three to four hours. Each lesson includes a quiz, and students must present completed copies of all review quizzes when they attend the final

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How to Build Fiberglass Pontoons Gone Outdoors Your

(1 days ago) James Roberts began writing professionally in 1989, focusing initially on methodologies, multimedia courses and how-to articles on information technology, business, software, health care and relationships. His published works appear on various online article databases and he holds a Bachelor of Science in business from West Virginia University.

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How to Find a Glock Certified Armorer Gone Outdoors

(1 days ago) Glock armorer classes are offered all over the U.S., and these services are fairly easy to locate. Contact your local Glock dealer and ask if they have a certified armorer on hand. Most authorized Glock dealers will have a couple on staff. Go to your local gun shop to see if they have certified Glock armorers.

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Physical Education Recreational Games Gone Outdoors

(5 days ago) Obstacle course races are a fun recreational game that involve working a number of different motor skills and muscle groups. A typical course would involve sprinting between stations where tasks must be completed before moving on to the next station.

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How to Troubleshoot a Lowrance Depth Finder Gone

(2 days ago) Power, Noise, Wires. Check the power cable connection and the wiring if the unit doesn't power-on. Make sure the red power wire is connected to the positive battery terminal, and the black is connected to negative terminal. Also check the fuse for proper installation and condition. If a power problem persists measure the voltage at the power

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How to Obtain a Gun License in California Gone Outdoors

(7 days ago) In the state of California, residents may be issued a concealed weapons permit (also known as a CCW permit) by their local sheriff's office or police department. Prior to obtaining a CCW, individuals must meet a wide array of requirements. Applicants must complete a training course offered by …

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How to Make a Fiberglass Slide Gone Outdoors Your

(Just Now) James Roberts began writing professionally in 1989, focusing initially on methodologies, multimedia courses and how-to articles on information technology, business, software, health care and relationships. His published works appear on various online article databases and he holds a Bachelor of Science in business from West Virginia University.

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How to Get a Firearms Collectors License Gone Outdoors

(5 days ago) Step 3. Navigate to the ATF's website and download Form 7, the “Application for Federal Firearms License (Collector of Curios and Relics)" a "Certification of Compliance with 18 U.S.C 922 (g) (5) (B)” form and a set of fingerprint cards. Alternatively, you can call the ATF or mail them to request an application for a Curio's and Relics FFL.

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How to Apply for a Federal Curios and Relics Gun Collector

(9 days ago) Ensure that you meet the minimum requirements for holding the C&R license. These requirements are:• You must be 21 years or more of age; • You cannot be prohibited from shipping, transporting, receiving or possessing firearms or ammunition (that is, you have not been convicted of a felony, you are a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, or you have special dispensation); • You have not

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Creating a Cattle Operation Business Plan Gone Outdoors

(Just Now) Victoria Van Harlingen has been writing since she was editor of her high school newspaper. She has spent 20 years producing marketing and public relations work for various businesses and non-profit organizations. Her articles have appeared in several local print publications. Online credits include eHow and Answerbag.

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Best California Rivers for Beginner Canoe Trips Gone

(8 days ago) California's rivers are famous among whitewater enthusiasts for heart-pounding rapids suitable for the most experienced paddlers. However, you don't have to wait to make expert status in a whitewater canoe to tackle the famous rivers. Look for stretches rated Class 1 on the International Scale of River

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Bungee Jumping in Canton, Ohio Gone Outdoors Your

(6 days ago) Kids Online Hunting Safety Course in Ohio. By Morgan Rush. Canton, Ohio, is known for its parks and green spaces, vibrant cultural arts scene and as the birthplace of professional football. The city’s dedication to physical health and fitness makes it the perfect place to bungee jump. Whether you’re a first-timer or a veteran jumper, Canton

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4-Wheeling Trails & Campgrounds in Minnesota Gone

(9 days ago) Known as the “Land of 10,000 Lakes," Minnesota is a popular state for camping. But something Minnesota is not as well known for is its large number of ATV trails. As one of the top-20 most-forested states in the U.S., Minnesota has hundreds of trails -- many of them especially for 4-wheeling.

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Can You Use Deep-Cycle Marine Batteries in a Golf Cart

(8 days ago) Electric golf carts are used on golf courses all across the country. Electric golf carts normally use six, 6-volt batteries to supply power. These batteries supply enough power for the golf cart to be used for an entire 18-hole round of golf. Golf carts can be modified to use 12-volt marine deep-cycle batteries, but

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How to Reorder Missouri Hunter Safety Cards Gone

(4 days ago) A hunter education certificate card (sometimes referred to as a "safety card") is granted after successful completion of the course. Although Missouri allows the written part of the test to be taken online, applicants must still complete a field test. If you lose your card, or it is destroyed, you can follow these steps to get a new one.

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How to Charge a Golf Cart With an Automotive Battery

(2 days ago) Golf carts are small battery-powered vehicles that are most commonly found and used on golf courses. These carts are also used as utility carts in some locations. Golf carts operate on multiple 6-volt or 8-volt deep cycle batteries. These batteries are designed to be …

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How to Tow a Boat Behind a Travel Trailer Gone Outdoors

(8 days ago) A few states, such as Georgia and South Carolina, don't allow double trailers at all, while others recommend you take special safety courses before you attempt the feat. If you're ready for the challenge, be sure to take the proper steps to ensure that you're doing the right thing.

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How to Make Rope Climbing Nets Gone Outdoors Your

(1 days ago) Rope climbing nets make excellent additions to obstacle courses and play areas in addition to being a staple in the maritime industry. This article will show you how to make a 3 1/2-foot by 5-foot rope climbing net with a 4-inch by 4-inch mesh pattern. The knot used on this climbing net is …

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How to Calculate Spin Drift Gone Outdoors Your

(8 days ago) The SG should ideally be equal to. or higher, than 1.4. Determine the time of flight at the distance you are shooting. Calculate drift with the following formula: drift = 1.25 x (SG + 1.2) x TOF ^ 1.83. Start by raising your time of flight to the power of 1.83. In the example, 1.9 raised to the power of 1.83 is 3.237.

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Types of Ducks in South Carolina Gone Outdoors Your

(4 days ago) Common bay ducks -- also called pochards -- in South Carolina include canvasbacks, redheads, lesser scaups, greater scaups and ring-necked ducks. Like those of all other diving ducks, the legs of bay ducks are situated at the back of the ducks’ bodies, rather than in the middle, as with dabbling ducks. Lesser scaups are one of the most common

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Crossbow Hunting in Florida Gone Outdoors Your

(2 days ago) Crossbow hunting is only allowed during certain times of the year. These seasons vary by region. In 2009, the crossbow season for the Northwest Hunting Zone was from Nov. 30 through Dec. 6, from Oct. 26 through Oct. 30 for the Central Hunting Zone, and from …

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Coyote Hunting Regulations in Alabama Gone Outdoors

(2 days ago) You can take the entire course online and you don't have to pass a field exam. You can then get a recreational hunting license for all game or just for small game, which excludes deer and turkey. You can purchase a small game license for as little as $17.15 as of 2014. You may also trap coyotes providing you have permission from the landowner

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Places to Fish in Ohio Without a Fishing License Gone

(Just Now) Fishing is a fun activity for many, providing hours of enjoyment. Fishing in Ohio, however, is regulated, and you should expect fines if you're caught fishing without a license in the wrong area. You can protect yourself from poaching charges by knowing where the areas are to fish without a license, and knowing

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What to Use for Bait to Catch a Wild Rabbit Gone

(5 days ago) Larry Anderson has been a freelance writer since 2000. He has covered a wide variety of topics, from golf and baseball to hunting and fishing. His work has appeared in numerous print and online publications, including "Fargo Forum" newspaper. Anderson holds a Bachelor of Arts in print journalism from Concordia College.

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Campgrounds With Monthly Discount Rates in Florida Gone

(Just Now) The park holds monthly pot-luck dinners. Its monthly rate, as of 2010, is between $325 and $485. Electricity is $30 per month or $3 per day, with a $50 deposit required. Guests of long-term campers pay fees to use facilities like the pool. Crystal Lake RV Park 4240 Stuckway Rd. Mims, FL 32754 321-268-8555 crystallakervpark.com.

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Starting a Hunting Guide Service Business Gone Outdoors

(7 days ago) Applications are accepted online and you can immediately print the permit. Step 5. Purchase hunting equipment. You can start a hunting-guide service with basic equipment, but be prepared to buy additional equipment as you grow and book clients. Basic equipment includes tree stands, ground blinds, ATVs, GPS units, aerial maps of the hunting area

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