Free Online Homeschool Curriculum Recommendations

My son does well with virtual homeschool. So, for online high school homeschooling, we are sticking with Connections Academy.In Indiana, it is a free online public …

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ECE Continuing Education Online

(8 days ago) As an added bonus to CCEI’s over 150+ online PD courses in English & Spanish, if you purchase a center-based annual subscription for your staff, you’ll have access to over 10,000 unique activities like the sampling above to implement in the classroom. An …

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Active Learning in Early Childhood Education

(1 days ago) Over 150 English and Spanish training courses are available to meet licensing, recognition program, and Head Start Requirements. CCEI also has online certification …

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Marketing your Business Yourself

(9 days ago) The Kelley Online Marketing Strategy Certificate can be yours in less than five months. What’s more, you can take the courses online, which is a lot easier to fit into your busy schedule than heading to class. This program can easily fit into a hectic life, and, most importantly, it equips you with the core concepts and skills that make a

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Homeschool Nature Study Ornithology

(2 days ago) These lessons are meant to be done over the course of week. If you choose to do a science block, you can complete the projects in one day. Can you name this juvenile bird? Homeschool Nature Study: Ornithology. Define Ornithology: T he study of birds, including their behavior, natural history, physiology, ecology, and identification.

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Homeschooling During the Coronavirus

(9 days ago) Khan Academy is not for the faint of heart. If you're all in to the homeschooling thing, give it a try. We used it for several years. It's a free learning resource originally targeted toward middle schoolers and high schoolers, but now offers lessons for elementary too. It feels a lot more like "real school" than some of the other online options and keeps track of your progress and grade level.

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Adventures of Kids Creative Chaos: eBooks

(3 days ago) Moon Magic: YA Fiction Novel Online. Do you have an eReader or Kindle? Do you read free books online? We've been sharing our YA fiction book online. If you're new, start here- Moon Magic Chapter One. If you've been reading the story, the last chapter published was chapter six. Eventually, this will be published as an eBook.

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Adventures of Kids Creative Chaos: Search results for

(2 days ago) ChildCare Education Institute (CCEI,) the industry leader for online professional development, offers courses that cover the latest in everything from technology and STEAM to bullying, attention disorders and more.Every early childhood teacher and their staff can benefit from the online ECE training at CCEI. Here at Kids Creative Chaos, we've taken several courses and enjoyed each one of them

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Educational Scholarships for Homeschoolers

(5 days ago) There are many online homeschool high school options to help you keep track of attendance, transcripts, and the courses necessary for college. Here's a list of our favorites: Time4Learning High School, Acellus, (they also have a less expensive app option for high school) and Connections Academy (free online

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Why I Choose to Homeschool: Homeschooling with Online

(3 days ago) I CAN (of course I can). We actually had LESS busy bookwork than regular school. The kids had online live lessons with their teachers and classmates. The teachers checked in regularly with emails and phone calls. As a learning coach, I was a big part of my kids academic experience, but not the teacher. So, I didn't have to worry about making

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Early Childhood Teacher Study Online

(3 days ago) ChildCare Education Institute (CCEI,) the industry leader for online professional development, offers courses that cover the latest in everything from technology and STEAM to bullying, attention disorders and more.Every early childhood teacher and their staff can benefit from the online ECE training at CCEI. Here at Kids Creative Chaos, we've taken several courses and enjoyed each one of them

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Moon Magic Chapter Four: YA Novel Online

(6 days ago) Here's chapter four of my online Young Adult Fiction Novel, Moon Magic. If you haven't read the other chapters, start here: Moon Magic starts here. In Chapter Three, Aurora began to write in her diary. We also got a little taste of how she and her mother get along. It's time for her outing with Lucas, find out how it went in Chapter Four of Moon Magic

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Professional Development for Preschool Teachers

(5 days ago) The PROF101: Adult Learning: Theories and Strategies for Trainers and Directors course is designed for directors and other early childhood professionals who train adults or facilitate professional development programs. It reminds you that teaching adults can be challenging. Adults may actually pay less attention to the instructor than children do because they already have a knowledge base and

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Child Development Psychology: Sensory Play Aids in the

(3 days ago) Of course this isn't always realistic, so we supplement with less frightening activities. Using a dry erase board can make the daunting task of writing seem like a privilege. Alphabet magnets on a door turn the chore of spelling tests into a game. Just changing the media alleviates some of the stress making it easier to get started on school

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Homeschooling Advice from Becky Hunt

(3 days ago) This guest post on homeschooling advice is by Becky Hunt from Experienced Mommy. Becky has homeschooled four kids (including one with special needs) for the past 20 years.

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Classroom Safety Tips

(8 days ago) ChildCare Education Institute (CCEI,) the industry leader for online professional development, offers over 55+ safety courses for ECE teachers. These high-quality and research-based courses provide early childhood educators with operating procedures and best practices for …

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Educational Videos for Kids YouTube

(2 days ago) Subscribe Here: Crash Course YouTube for the series of all Crash Course videos. Here is episode one, but you don't have to watch them in order. You can watch a Crash Course in just about anything. Here is a Crash Course in Physics. They also have psychology courses.

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Moon Magic: Online YA Fiction Chapter Three

(3 days ago) “Well, of course, they keep an eye on things. I’m just saying, maybe they need to pay a little extra attention to you.” Aurora watched her mother for minute, but Serenity didn’t make eye contact. Aurora needed the last word, no matter how small. “I’m good,” Aurora snapped.

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Universe Lesson Plans: Solar System Activities

(1 days ago) Universe Lesson Plans: Solar System Activities. This Solar System activity is perfect for preschool, kindergarten, and first grade. Of course, even older kids will get a kick out of making a hat and parading around the classroom! Find this Solar System Activity at Younger children will enjoy Astronomy Ad Libs with Curious

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Things to do with a Box: Homemade DIY Disney Perry the

(3 days ago) Of course, you can always save time or effort and choose to buy costumes from fancy costume shops online such as but I loved that we had everything on hand and could recycle my craft supplies. Full Disclosure: I ran out of crepe, so I made sure …

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Limit Smartphone Use App: Are You Addicted

(9 days ago) Of course, there's an app for everything! Should we limit smartphone use? In this post, Hilary Smith, shares some insight on the overuse of technology combined with our kids, but it might not be the child who has the problem. That's right, Mom (or Dad), you might need an app to limit smartphone use.

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5 Signs That Your Child May Need a Tutor

(5 days ago) Of course, don't rule out an optical issue. Be sure they have regular eye check ups. School work might be too advanced for your child's skill level and cause them stress and anxiety. This is a great time to hire a tutor to help with breaking down tasks and concepts in a simpler way. Tutors often have simple tricks for remembering math facts or

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Blackberry Pork Chops Tenderloin

(9 days ago) Blackberry Pork Recipe Remember when we used to buy paper copies of recipes instead of looking them up online? This blackberry pork chops recipe was originally published in an edition of, "Cooking Light."We made it and it tasted so amazing, but it called for 1 3/4 cup of fresh blackberries, which are often out of season or very costly.Our version of the blackberry pork tenderloin recipe

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6 Reasons You Should You Retrain as A Nurse

(2 days ago) 6 Reasons You Should You Retrain as A Nurse. Whether you've homeschooled or attended public school, the field of nursing is a great profession to learn.

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Free Printables Calendar Monthly: Wifi Printer HP

(4 days ago) Printing the free printable to do lists and back to school calendar in primary colors. HP All-in-One Printer. With your new printer, you can print all of our monthly calendar printables. We update them every month to help you plan your school activities or after-school fun! August Calendar PDF Printable.

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Adopting Healthy Lifestyles as a Family

(4 days ago) This is the case for those interested in personal training, for example, they can complete an online fitness course Leicester in order to get certified, making it an easy way to get educated on healthy lifestyle fitness careers. Keep in mind that different career paths will require different steps.

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Tips to Get TEENS to Read More

(7 days ago) Most parents want their teens to become avid readers.One poll found that three-fourths of parents with kids between the ages of 6-17 agreed with the statement, "I wish my child would read more books for fun." Getting a teenager to read is often more challenging than getting a 10-year-old to read.

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Homeschool Resources: Varun's Quest Review

(7 days ago) Science Books for Homeschoolers. We were given the opportunity to review Varun's Quest, which is a wonderful science book for homeschoolers. Varun's Quest is a fictional tale depicting non-fiction science.The story is fun to read aloud as a family or in a group setting with the ideal audience being 2nd - …

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Fun PE Games for Kids: PE Activities Gym Exercise

(6 days ago) Tag Games for Physical Education Oonch Neech is a tag game that originated in Pakistan. This game incorporates safe areas. Oonch = up and Neech = down. 'It' chooses either oonch or neech. When oonch is chosen, the players use a high place or object as a safety zone. A tree works well, or if playing in the house, a couch makes a great safety zone.

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15 Resources for Dr. Seuss Lesson Plans Elementary School

(5 days ago) Seuss' birthday, of course! March 2. Read Across America activities. Recommended Reading: Bartholomew and the Oobleck: (Caldecott Honor Book) (Classic Seuss) And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street Oh, The Places You'll Go! Birthday Ideas, Dr. Seuss, Free online homeschooling, lesson plans, teacher curriculum.

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Need to Get Out of Debt

(3 days ago) A plan to get out of debt makes a excellent homeschool math lesson for your kids. Don't hide the struggle from them, but don't frighten them with all of the gory details either. If you need to get out of debt, you need a plan. The steps to get out of debt look different for everyone. Everyone has different debt, different income, and a

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Field Trips in Indiana

(9 days ago) Field trips are an excellent way to connect student learning to the world outside of school. Gaining knowledge is the goal of the educational process. However, when gaining that knowledge mainly takes place in the classroom and from books, it can seem disconnected from the purpose of that knowledge. The purpose, of course, is to prepare the student for success as a grown-up.

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