Online Drafting Schools and Courses

Online Drafting Schools and Courses. Online drafting training can teach you the basics of computer-aided drawing and architectural drafting. Find out how online programs work in this field, and check the software requirements. Review what you'd learn in a certificate, diploma, or 2-year degree program in drafting. Get info about choosing a school.

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Degrees & Courses from Top Colleges and Universities

(8 days ago) Viewed by tens of thousands of daily readers, our Student Saver is the leading source for finding scholarships, grants, loans and discounts for tuition and education costs. Learn about products and programs that greatly reduce education costs and gain insights into new approaches to spending and saving while in college.

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Online Education Paraprofessional Certification Programs

(8 days ago) So students taking more courses or studying over summer semesters can complete their program even sooner. Common Courses. Although the specific courses included in these programs vary by school, many online educational paraprofessional programs include some of the courses listed below.

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Free Online Linguistics Courses

(3 days ago) Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) OpenCourseWare (OCW) offers an entire spectrum of free online linguistics courses spanning the undergraduate and graduate levels. If you are seriously interested in studying linguistics, this is the ideal place to find about 40 available courses, which were taught between 2001 and 2017.

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Free Online GED Classes and Courses for Adults

(8 days ago) Overview of Free Online GED Classes and Courses for Adults. Obtaining your GED is easier than ever with the multitude of online prep courses available for free. Most resources offer courses that cover each of the subjects (social studies, math, language arts, and science) tested on the GED, as well as free practice tests with answer keys.

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Online Building Inspector Courses

(9 days ago) Online home inspection courses are self-paced, and you'll usually access online lessons and assignments at your convenience. Lessons have lectures offered in text, audio or video format that may be reviewed as often as necessary. For some courses, you'll receive a DVD or CD in the mail with video presentations or step-by-step demonstrations of

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Free Online Home Health Aide Training & Classes

(7 days ago) Free Online Home Health Aide Training and Classes Overview A home health aide is someone who cares for the elderly or disabled whether it is in their home or in a professional care center. They do not usually perform any medical tasks beyond checking a patient's vital signs, as their focus is on the physical care, comfort, and safety of a patient.

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Online Actuary Degree Programs

(9 days ago) Many online actuary degree programs allow students to take as few, or as many, courses each semester as they desire, but some programs are offered in specific structures and schedules. You may need a full-time or part-time enrollment option or the ability to switch between the two, so make sure to ask each school about the flexibility offered

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Free Online Continuing Education Units (CEU) for Certified

(9 days ago) A free online course about understanding diabetes is just one of the many free continuing education (CE) courses available through Medline University. The course covers a basic understanding of diabetes, how to monitor blood glucose levels, and knowing what kind of assistance patients with diabetes may need. The free online course counts as 0

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Online Nail Technician Schools and …

(9 days ago) An online diploma program in cosmetology might be an additional option. How Do These Programs Work? Most schools' nail technician certificate programs are offered in a traditional classroom setting and not online. However, you may be able to complete general education requirements or introductory cosmetology courses online.

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Bounty Hunter Certification: Online Programs

(9 days ago) Online Availability: It is not possible to be certified online, though some courses may be available in an online format: Educational Requirements: There is no specific degree or college education required in order to become a bounty hunter, though training programs are offered through some for-profit institutions: Key Job Components

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Ophthalmology Technician Training: Online Programs

(5 days ago) Ophthalmology Technician Training: Online Programs. An ophthalmology technician training program prepares you for a career creating prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses. These programs can lead to a certificate or an associate's degree. Read on to learn more about training and education programs, and get the career outlook for this job.

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Where Can I Take Online Classes on Communication Disorders

(4 days ago) Students can take online courses through the Master of Science in Communication Disorders degree program at Western Kentucky University. The program requires 60 credits and courses are presented in a synchronous format. A total of eight credits are taken in a clinical internship and externship.

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Online IV Certification

(1 days ago) Because of the first-hand training component, online academic programs that prepare students for IV certification usually combine online and on-campus coursework. These hybrid programs typically offer certificates and can prepare you for IV certification exams administered by state nursing boards or independent organizations.

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How to Learn Medical Billing and Coding Online for Free

(7 days ago) There are several paid programs out there for students to take advantage of, and there are also free courses online, as well. These courses provide students with a basis in the knowledge of the field and some advanced information on these topics. They offer a wide array of resources including guides, e-textbooks, and video tutorials to give

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Online Library Assistant Training Programs

(7 days ago) Courses often are presented asynchronously, so that you can budget your time and complete assignments as your schedule permits. To participate properly in various online library training programs, you'll need a high-speed Internet connection, a compatible browser and antivirus software. What Will the Program Teach Me?

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Which Schools Offer Online AutoCAD Certification Courses

(8 days ago) Online AutoCAD courses are available from a number of accredited universities, including the three detailed below: West Virginia University AutoCAD Online Certification Course. This course aims at fully readying students for the AutoCAD certification exam. You'll explore essential techniques used in computer-aided design (CAD), including

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Free Construction Management & Project Management Online

(4 days ago) A few of the topics covered within the course are as follows: Different types of feasibility Importance of a project manager Decision-making models and aids Definition of a project Software and its application to the field Alison. Alison is a website that offers many free online courses, including one …

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Online Lab Tech Courses

(1 days ago) Courses at the bachelor's degree level can be put toward an online bachelor's degree in clinical laboratory science, which prepares you to become a clinical lab technologist. Online courses are also available for aspiring medical lab techs seeking an associate degree.

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Best Online Radiation Therapy Degree Programs & Schools

(1 days ago) Online certificate programs can be completed in about 13 to 16 months, depending on the program's format. Master's degrees can usually be earned in about 2 years with some programs offering an accelerated 1-year format. Common Courses in Online Radiation Therapy Programs

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Guide to Online Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD) Associate

(5 days ago) Online courses can utilize one or several websites for completing assignments, course communications and lecture delivery. Depending on the class, students may be able to access and complete assignments 24/7 each week, or they may have one or more scheduled items throughout the week, such as live lectures and class discussions.

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Online Data Entry Certificate Programs

(5 days ago) These programs often include training in data entry and are often available online. Requirements vary, but generally these programs involve 6-13 courses that can be completed in 1-2 years. Be sure to check the certificate requirements carefully.

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Where Can I Find Free Online Stenography Courses

(5 days ago) Free online courses in stenography are available from these listed websites. Students can teach themselves how to type faster, or they could learn about the different duties of a stenographer. View Schools What You Need to Know.

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10 Reasons Why Online College Courses Save You Money

(4 days ago) With online courses, you may not need to attend class at a specific time, so you can put away the coffee and get a few extra hours of shut-eye. No Blue Books. To take tests, some schools still require you to write in blue books. You can usually pick them up at your school bookstore for a small cost, but if you take your tests on the computer

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Best Free Online Entrepreneurship Courses, Programs & Training

(1 days ago) Overview of the Best Free Online Entrepreneurship Courses, Programs, and Training Entrepreneurship is a broad field which encompasses everything there is to know about creating a business. The goal is to create a business plan which will turn a profit for the individual by including calculated risks.

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Which Schools Offer Online Courses in Transportation

(4 days ago) Online courses in transportation are often found at the graduate level as part of degree and certificate programs. Learn about a few schools that offer online courses in areas of transportation, such as engineering, management or planning. View Schools Program Overview.

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Which Colleges Offer Online French Classes

(4 days ago) Online courses may include instructive videos and chat rooms so that students can practice proper pronunciation and gain conversational skills. Important Facts About This Field of Study. Continuing Education: Once gaining a grasp on the French language online, you can attend a 4-year college to continue your studies and receive a bachelor's

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Aquaculture Degrees: Online and Distance Learning Program

(3 days ago) Most online course platforms also have chat, message board and e-mail functions, enabling you to communicate with professors and participate in discussions with fellow students. To complete an online program, you'll need an Internet-connected computer, as well as software like Windows or Adobe Reader to view lectures and type papers.

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Where Can I Find Free Online Horticulture Courses

(6 days ago) Combine your hands-on experience growing plants in your home, yard or garden with knowledge you can gain from free online horticulture courses. Noncredit courses are available through numerous postsecondary schools. Available at your own convenience, these courses include various instructional videos and other reading resource materials for

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Best Online Master of Divinity (MDiv) Degree Programs

(3 days ago) Online MDiv degree programs may require between 70 to 130 credits, depending on the school. Many of these programs can be completed fully online, but some programs may also give students the option of a hybrid format with some coursework on campus. Some programs may require one course or a 1-week intensive to be completed on campus.

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Which Schools Offer Free Online Engineering Courses

(3 days ago) Many schools and universities are offering free online engineering courses because of the advances in technology. With video, podcasting and online meeting sites such as Facebook and Web-based conferencing, these free courses can be made readily available. Read on to find out about some schools currently offering free online engineering courses.

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Online Genetics Courses and Degrees

(3 days ago) Individual courses may cost you more overall than full tuition, if you plan on earning a degree. Depending on the school you enroll at, charges for online courses may be based on the course or by the credit hour. Rates fluctuate anywhere from around $100 to over $1,000 per class. You may be able to find tuition-free online courses in certain

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Online Skin Care Courses and Certificate Programs

(1 days ago) Online skin care courses and certificate programs are available through a number of outlets and cover the same material that is offered in a traditional class setting. These programs teach prospective therapists about proper skin care techniques and protecting the skin from harmful substances.

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Mortuary Science Degrees: Online Programs

(6 days ago) While online mortuary science programs offer the same courses as on campus programs, some online programs are available in an accelerated format. The online classes may cover anatomy and physiology, psychology, pathology, microbiology and chemistry. You may also study mortuary administration, funeral directing, business law and funeral ethics.

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Where Can I Find Online Classes for a Physician Assistant

(9 days ago) Online Classes for a Physician Assistant at University of North Dakota. The University of North Dakota offers a Masters in Physician Assistant Studies through its School of Medicine and Health Sciences. This program features clinical experiences, on-campus classes and online courses. The program is designed to be completed in 24 months.

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Online Boat and Marine Mechanic Schools

(5 days ago) Online courses addressing various aspects of boat and marine mechanics can often be found within programs focusing on a related subject, such as marine surveying. Marine surveying is the act of inspecting and examining different operations and equipment of a vessel, with an eye toward compliance with industry standards and regulations.

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Online Marine Biology Schools and Degrees

(8 days ago) Online Marine Biology Schools and Degrees. While many degree programs in marine biology are only available on campus, a few schools offer online courses and degrees in related areas of study. Read on to learn more about them. See what these classes offer, how online programs are …

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Online Psychiatry Degree Programs

(Just Now) How Are Online Courses Conducted? You can access all the course material through your school's website, including recorded lectures, exams and tests. Asynchronous discussions take place with classmates and instructors on threaded message boards. Some programs may have brief on-campus requirements in addition to your clinical requirements.

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Online Embalming Schools and Courses

(5 days ago) Online Embalming Schools and Courses. Courses, diplomas and associate's degrees in mortuary science are available through distance learning. Read on to learn what online embalming programs are available, what courses may be included and whether you will need to be licensed.

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Online Escrow Officer Training Programs

(5 days ago) Online Escrow Officer Training Programs. Get information about the training options for escrow officers, and find out about what courses and skills are taught in the program. Also, check out the prerequisites for a program and how the online programs are structured. Finally, discover some career options.

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Best Online PharmD (Doctor of Pharmacy) Programs

(8 days ago) Students can earn a Doctor of Pharmacy at Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine in four years through the online/distance pathway. The program is open to students who have completed certain prerequisite courses, such as biology, organic chemistry, and calculus, and costs $26,695 in …

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What is the Cost of Online Education vs. Traditional

(3 days ago) ASU's online tuition rates included all program fees, and did not list any additional fees for online students. Eastern Kentucky University, as another example, charges $375 a credit hour for on-campus undergraduate degrees, while 100% online courses cost $409 an hour (this varies depending on the course).

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Where Can I Find Online Courses to Become a Certified

(1 days ago) Approved training programs are available in both on-campus and online formats and are typically offered as certificate or associate degree programs. Once certified, you are expected to complete 45 hours of continuing education, five of which must be in sanitation and food safety, every three years to maintain your certification.

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What Kind of Computer is Required to Take Online Classes

(8 days ago) Online Classes Defined. Online classes, also referred to as distance learning classes, are designed to allow you to complete coursework without leaving your home. These online courses give working professionals the chance to pursue a degree or take an individual class with the flexibility not often found in on-campus programs.

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Free Online Dental Assistant Courses & Programs

(7 days ago) Overview of Free Online Dental Assistant Courses & Programs. Though there are no dental assistant programs offered completely free online, students interested in exploring a dental career can gather basic information from a variety of online sources. Websites offering basic courses in dental health do not typically offer certificates or credits

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Online Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) Programs

(9 days ago) North Central Missouri College has an online ADN program that is available to licensed practical nurses. The program starts every August and consists of asynchronous online courses. Students are required to attend labs 2 to 3 times each semester and clinical sessions 2 …

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Online Desktop Publishing Training Programs and Courses

(7 days ago) Online Desktop Publishing Training Programs and Courses. Taking online training courses in desktop publishing could teach you skills that combine computers, creativity and office tasks to enhance your current job or prepare you for a new career. Get program information, including technical requirements, and see what you'll study.

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Online Emergency Medical Technician Courses and Schools

(2 days ago) Basic, intermediate and paramedic online courses often require extensive clinical training hours. These must be completed on-campus or at a healthcare facility near your school. Some schools may allow you to gain hands-on experience at a facility in your area.

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