41 Best Free Websites To Learn Spanish …

Spanish Mooc is an online course to learn Spanish. Powered by Instremia, it provides educational video clips along with other language learning materials. The course welcomes you with an Orientation module. Then you can begin learning with the basics of Spanish language. Learn new Spanish words and phrases, along with their pronunciation.

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20 Best Free Websites To Learn Hebrew …

(9 days ago) Hebrew Courses provides audio based lessons to learn Hebrew online. Download the learning material as PDF, and listen to the audio and learn Hebrew. There are two formats of courses, one for adults, and the others for children. The Hebrew language course for adults has 8 lessons in total.

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24 Best Free Websites To Learn …

(3 days ago) Digital Dialects offers free online course to learn Portuguese language. The Portuguese learning course is divided into 15 different sections. These sections take care of Portuguese phrases, numbers, vocabulary, time units, grammar, etc. Few of these modules are supported by audio playback.

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36 Best Free Websites To Learn Morse Code Online

(3 days ago) Morse Test on is a simple website that lets you learn Morse code online and also take the test for the same. How to use Morse Test on to learn Morse code online: Firstly you are shown the Morse Code Characters for all letters and numbers along with four other widely used characters, i.e. period, comma, question mark, and slash.

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31 Best Free Websites To Learn Chinese …

(7 days ago) is a platform that partners with universities and organisations from across the globe and offers online courses to you, for free. This course in Chinese language is provided by Peking University. Its a video and quiz based Chinese learning course which you can complete at your own pace.

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40 Best Free Websites To Learn French …

(6 days ago) has one of the best resources to learn French language online. Register yourself with website for free, and start learning French language. This website has 5 lessons to offer in French language: Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, and Travel Course. Begin to learn French from the first lesson.

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35 Best Free Websites To Learn …

(1 days ago) The course is named Enjoy Learning Online Japanese, and has 10 lessons. The lessons are rated from Beginners level to Advanced level. These lessons in Japanese focus on Japanese vocabulary, Conversation Phrases, Reading, Real-life learning, and Interactive learning. You can also take few quizzes, or read a Japanese learning blog linked to the

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29 Best Free Websites To Learn Italian …

(Just Now) The course is divided into 7 different modules: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Grammar, Travel, Medical, and Business. Each of these modules have lessons under them. You can begin learning Italian online from the Beginner module, and continue till the Grammar section. The Travel, Medical, and the Business modules are individual modules.

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21 Best Free Websites To Learn Dutch Language Online

(5 days ago) Learn Dutch online for free at Duolingo. This multiple language learning website provides a full fledged course to learn Dutch language. This platform is apt for beginners and advanced learners of Dutch language. Either you can begin learning Dutch language from basics, or you can take a Placement Test to get placed at a perfect level for you.

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50 Best Free Online Typing Tutors

(6 days ago) provides free typing lessons online. The course is free but you have to sign up with the website to practice all the typing lessons. It has plenty of typing exercises for you. The typing course starts with the basics of touch typing technique i.e. position of fingers on the keyboard, name of the rows. The course has a very clear method.

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24 Best Free Websites To Learn Turkish Language

(Just Now) is a common platform to learn different languages online.To learn Turkish online, register on the website to create a free profile. Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, and Travel Course are the 5 courses that are offered by the website to learn Turkish language.

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24 Best Free Websites To Learn Arabic Language

(9 days ago) The online Arabic language course is free to use. Home Page. WeSpeke. WeSpeke is a free online portal to learn & practice languages. You have to create an account and a profile to use this awesome language tool. Set your language preferences and get ready to learn Arabic. There are no lessons or course that you have to follow.

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28 Best Free Websites To Learn Russian Online

(5 days ago) offers free course to Learn Russian online. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, intermediate, or an advanced learner. This website has course for all level of Russian language learners. There are Russian language courses available if you are travelling to …

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35 Best Free Websites To Learn Korean Online

(Just Now) Hangul Forest is another online resource where you can learn to read, write, and speak Korean language. The course begins with lessons on Korean alphabets. Then comes the Grammar section, where you learn to form sentences, interrogation, idioms, etc. Learn Korean Phrases and vocabulary in the following lessons.

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30 Best Free Online LaTeX Editors

(6 days ago) Here is the list of Free Online LaTeX Editors. These editors have ample features to create LaTeX equations, such as LaTeX symbols, Greek letters, functions, matrices, arrows and tables. LaTeX (pronounced as la-tek) is a document markup language, commonly used in scientific field for documentation. It has been developed as a tool for mathematicians & scientists to render complex …

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5 Best Free Interactive Presentation Software

(1 days ago) Here is a list of Best Free Interactive Presentation Software.These are basically cloud based software which you can use to deliver interactive presentations online. One can use these tools in several areas like business presentations, academic presentation, personal presentations, etc.

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11 Best Free Bible Software For Windows

(5 days ago) Here is a list of best free bible software for Windows users. Using these bible reading software, you can read, study, and explore the holy book ‘Bible‘. These biblical software provide different editions of Bible, including King James Version, Holman Christian Standard Bible, American Standard Version, English Standard Version, New English Translation (NET Bible) and some more.

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9 Best Free Webinar Software For Windows

(7 days ago) You can also record the online sessions for later use, like for training purposes. All of your recordings are easily accessible in the Recordings section. This free webinar software also lets you schedule a webinar session. All the currently going on and scheduled webinar sessions are easily accessible on …

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14 Best Free Math Software

(9 days ago) Here are 14 best free math software.These let you learn mathematics and solve complex mathematical problems easily. All these math software are completely free and can be downloaded to Windows PC.These free software offer various features, like: lets you solve mathematical problems in various topics such as graphs, matrices, permutation and combinations, teach geometry to math students, lets

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4 Best Free PLC Software

(3 days ago) PSIM PLC Training Simulator is a free Allen Bradley PLC software.This PLC simulator for students not only lets you simulate PLC circuits, but also helps you learn PLC programming. It comes with built-in PLC simulator that lets you analyze PLC program in real-time.

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23 Best Free Circuit Simulation Software For Windows

(8 days ago) Tina-TI is a free circuit simulation software that can be used to design and simulate circuits. You can also check a circuit for errors before simulating it. Carry out DC analysis, AC analysis, Transient analysis, Fourier analysis, Noise analysis, etc. after designing a circuit.

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13 Best Free Astrology Software For Windows

(4 days ago) Here is the list of Best Free Astrology Software for Windows which you can use to perform astrological computation for predictions and interpretations. These software draws chart wheels, synastry and composite, draws tables of essential dignities, calculates element and quality balances and allow analyzing birth aspects.Also, most of them come with an inbuilt interpreter in clear written

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8 Best Free Software to Learn German

(Just Now) Here are 8 best free software for Windows to learn German.. German is national language of Germany and it is also used in many parts of Europe. There are many games, apps, online services, software, etc. available which you can use to learn to speak German.

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14 Best Free Bookkeeping Software For Windows

(8 days ago) Here are 14 best free bookkeeping software for Windows.These bookkeeping software lets you maintain your account books easily. These programs are available free to download on your Windows PC. These have various features, like: can maintain your daily transaction record, can import or export data from/to various formats including CSV, QIF, OFX, SIE etc., support for various currencies, some

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7 Best Free Irrigation Design Software For Windows

(2 days ago) WaSim is the next free irrigation design software for Windows. It is mainly a training program through which you can manage and solve irrigation, drainage, and salinity issues.Plus, it also helps you estimate crop harvesting time, root depth of crop, water fraction, drain water, etc., values of different time periods. It also offers a visual representation showing field capacity, salinity in

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8 Best Free Software to Learn English

(1 days ago) EasyWords is a quality software for learning some of the very popularly used words and phrases from various languages, such as: Spanish, English, German, Portuguese, Turkish, etc. Some of the key features of this software are: You can use this software to learn more than 1600 English phrases and words easily. You can learn these words by giving two different types of test, they are: Multi

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15 Best Free Whiteboard Software For Windows

(7 days ago) Here is a list of 15 best free whiteboard software for Windows.. Whiteboard software can be classified into many categories, such as simple drawing software, interactive whiteboard software, collaboration whiteboard software, desktop whiteboard or annotation software, virtual whiteboard software, etc.

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2 Best Free Golf Course Design Software For Windows

(8 days ago) Total Pro Golf Course Designer is a free Golf Course Design Software for Windows. This freeware lets you design a professional Golf Course. So that, you can design an excellent Golf Course layout, all its parts (Tees, Fairways, Bunkers, Greens, etc.) are available in the software.

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9 Best Free Open Source Bible Software For Windows

(2 days ago) Xiphos is a free open source Bible software for Windows, Linux, and Unix. It is a dedicated Bible study tool in which you can read, study, and research sacred Bible texts.This software comes with a collection of Bible texts that you can view and read. However, you can also download and add more notes and texts in …

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5 Best Free ECG Simulator Software For Windows

(3 days ago) Here is a list of Best Free ECG Simulator For Windows.ECG is an acronym for Electrocardiogram.It is the record of the electrical activity of the heart. By studying ECG patterns, doctors can find out abnormalities in the patient’s heart.. These free ECG rhythm simulator can be used for both training

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6 Best Free Chess Analysis Software For Windows

(9 days ago) Here is a list of best free chess analysis software for Windows. Using these freeware, you can play a chess game and analyze it using various chess engines such as AnMon, Dragon, Hermann, Nejmat, Ruffian, Rybka, Spike, Stockfish, Cheng, Critter, Deepfish, etc.Each of these software contains a set of chess engines which can be used.

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17 Best Free Video Streaming Software For Windows

(Just Now) Of course, the fact that it can only stream FLV videos is a big limitation. Home Page. Download Page. FLV Player. FLV Player is a very lightweight media player which can only play online flash video files (flv files). You cannot seek a video while streaming neither can you save it …

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5 Best Free Personal Trainer Software For Windows

(6 days ago) Here is a list of best free personal trainer software for Windows.If you are a fitness enthusiast or if you have just started training, these software will come in handy. There are two ways in which these fitness training software can be useful: Learning exercises and Tracking fitness progress.Some of the software can carry out both the jobs, while some can only carry out a specific job.

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10 Best Free Desktop Publishing Software For Windows

(8 days ago) Here I am going to present a list of best free desktop publishing software for Windows.These software let you create documents and prepare them to be published online. You can create and design Business cards, Letterheads, Book Covers, Greeting Cards, Posters, Brochures, Web Pages, etc. with these software. Some of these DTP software are totally free while some are available free of cost with

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5 Best Free Interior Design Software for Beginners for Windows

(5 days ago) An option to download and import more interior content from online is also available in it. You can start by creating a floor plan which is quite easy. All the related tools are available in the Building module, like wall, window, doors, floors, ceilings, roof, etc. Then, go to …

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10 Best Free Interior Design Software for Windows

(Just Now) Here is the list of best free Interior Design Software for Windows.Using these free interior designing software, you can design interiors by adding partition walls, adding doors and windows, paint the walls with different colors, furniture, lighting, a number of floor and ceiling patterns, kitchenware, etc.. Some of these are dedicated interior designing software and some are home designing

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12 Best Free Journal Software For Windows

(7 days ago) Windows Journal is a free software for journal writing. It lets you create multiple journals in different windows, like newsletter with current date stamp, blogs with simple paragraphs, pictures, or drawings, articles, reviews, or even personal day to day diaries.Multiple pages in a journal can be added. Background of a journal can be customized by using File > Page Setup option.

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5 Best Free Mechanical Simulation Software for Windows

(1 days ago) Algodoo is a free mechanical simulation software for Windows. It is an educational software that contains various prebuild simulations and also provides tools to create various simulations.In it, you can find all kinds of simulations related to Machines, Pulley, Optics, Planets, etc.From many available simulations, you can use its Square Wheels simulation to simulate the mechanical motion of

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7 Best Free Concordance Software For Windows

(6 days ago) AntConc is a free concordance software for Windows. It is a really good concordance software through which you can find all the references of a word or a sentence present in a document of TXT, HTML, XML, or ANT format.Besides this, it shows all the unique words and number of occurrences of all unique words in the entire document.

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