Hole in One Kid's Backyard Frisbee Golf

The stairs on the deck was the tee for the first hole. You can keep score with each throw counting as one “stroke”. Grownups can help the little ones throw the Frisbee and …

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Amazing Paper Airplane Competition

(2 days ago) Of course you need to feed him well and let him take a nap first, but after that, let the competition begin! So this paper airplane competition is about accuracy, thus, we will need a target of sorts. This will be done by attempting to fly the airplanes through holes cut in a tablecloth or tarp.

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Make Your Own Ice Cream in a Bag

(Just Now) Place the quart sized bag into the gallon sized bag with ice and seal the larger bag. Shake the bag for 5-10 minutes. You can wrap the bag in a towel if it gets too cold to handle. Don’t open the gallon bag until the process is finished. You can feel the ice cream harden through the bag. Open both bags taking care to wipe off the quart bag of

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Beginning Wood Burning

(Just Now) If you would like to draw your design first you would need a pencil of course. I’ve had this Wood Burning Tool. for many, many years. It heats up quickly but only has one temperature option and no interchangeable tips. If this is a one-time experience it doesn’t make sense to purchase a high dollar tool, but if you think that you may use it

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License Plate Bingo Game

(2 days ago) License Plate Bingo Game. License Plate Bingo is played like traditional Bingo with a couple adaptations. Print out a few copies of the Bingo cards (found by clicking here ). It’s great if they can be copied onto heavier paper like card stock. Let the grands/kids write the names of 24 states randomly on the squares of the cards.

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DIY Quill Pen and Ink

(9 days ago) This leaves a pointed end on the feather. Cut the very tip of that point off, leaving a very small flat area on the tip of the feather. Make a slit into the feather at the tip on that flat end. This slit will go up into the hollow part of the feather about ¼ inch. Later this …

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Woodland Owl Pumpkin Carving Deluxe

(1 days ago) The attached woodland owl patterns print to a standard 8×11” paper size. Welcome To Nana’s – Woodland Owl Pumpkin Carving Patterns. Tip: Tape the pattern to the side of the pumpkin that is most suitable for carving. Because the flat pattern is forming to a round surface there is a need to make a few tucks (like darts) to make it fit.

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Make Delicious Lemon Blueberry Donuts for Dad

(3 days ago) They are also available in many stores of course! Easy Peasy Cake Mix. I tried a couple recipes, but then noticed that the recipes were quite similar to a cake recipe. Would it work to make donuts from a cake mix? Why yes, it does!! So, these donuts are made even easier by being a lemon cake mix with added blueberries.

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Beautiful Free Spring Flowers Coloring Page

(1 days ago) Of course a quick search online will bring a plethora of info, but here are a few tidbits. The spring equinox is when the sun will pass directly overhead the equator on its rotation. That means that the the sun’s light is almost equal to both hemispheres and …

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Cute DIY Purse from a Book Cover

(Just Now) Of course I don’t need to tell you to be careful. Pull out the pages, leaving only the cover. I used a couple books that were already falling apart so this was pretty easy to do. On a newer book, or one that is still firmly attached at the spine, it takes some tugging to …

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Make Your Own Marvelous Peppermint

(5 days ago) Heat this second mixture to 240 degrees, stirring with whisk. Then take off stove. Use a mixer, mix the gelatin mixture on low, slowly add the hot mixture. Add the peppermint extract. Increase mixer speed, beat till fluffy and stiff like a thick marshmallow creme. …

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Gingerbread Cookie Ornaments

(6 days ago) Of course you can ice the whole cookie if you want, but the edging is so cute on a tree ornament. After the icing has had some time to dry, run a ribbon or …

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How to Grow Spring Flower Bulbs Inside

(9 days ago) The flower bulbs are placed with the pointed side up. Sometimes a bulb will already have a small sprout on it which goes up. The bulb will then root downwards of course. Finish placing soil around the bulb, just to the top. Press the soil gently to get rid of air pockets.

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DIY Amazing Magnetic Chalkboard

(9 days ago) The oil pans are available online or at most automotive stores. It is nice to choose one in person because you can see if it lays flat and doesn’t have a warp to it. If warped it doesn’t hang nicely and easily on a wall. I recommend using Command Strips for hanging by the way. The oil pans are quite reasonable in price.

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Helpful Tips for Finding Great Gifts for Kids

(3 days ago) First is safety of course. The toy should be made well so as not to harm the child. This is typically carefully monitored by the manufacturers, but use your discretion as well. Age level. Age level is the next factor when finding great gifts for kids. Is the gift appropriate for the age of the child? Shop Online. If you like the online

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Christmas Advent Calendar for Kids (free printable

(7 days ago) Of course it is totally up to you. There are some great sources online to Kids Christmas Socks- 12 Pairs at a time that make it more cost effective. Those are listed below in the supply list.

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